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A journey into Dubai’s past could well begin through the door of a quaint tea house in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, once known as Al Bastakiya. Read More

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Featured in Canadian Foodism Magazine-Arabian Tea House Restaurant specializes in traditional Emirati Dishes, including flavourful middle eastern breakfast..Read More

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If Dubai brings together all the cuisines of the world, it is not easy to find an authentic Emirati restaurant. Arabian Tea House claims this status..Read More


What do celebs love about this Emirati restaurant?

Dubai has no shortage of brilliant restaurants, serving up cuisine from every corner of the world. But what about traditional Emirati food? As part of Time Out’s LocalLegends series, we’ve visited one of Dubai’s most popular destinations for traditional tea and breakfasts, Read More

Why celebs love this traditional Emirati tea house in Dubai

Fancy a cuppa? But we’re not just talking about any cup of tea, as we’ve ventured out to Dubai’s historical Al Fahidi neighbourhood to try the best traditional hot drinks in the city, and fantastic breakfast dishes to boot. Arabian Tea House is our next pit stop in Time Out’s all-new Local Legends series Read More

This Cafe In Dubai Has An Old World Charm

While taking a stroll in Dubai’s most historic neighborhood—Al Fahidi, we stumbled upon this authentic Emirati Restocafe – Arabian Tea House. A quick lookup of the place online and we instantly knew that there wasn’t a better way to spend our afternoon than by sipping on some traditional tea under the shade of a grand old tree,  Read More


I woke up a bit early Saturday morning and unexpectedly yearn to wander and delve into Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Precipitately took a quick shower and put on my pants to start my peregrination. I’m living in the area for almost five years yet still need to discover a few places.  Read More

Arabian Tea House Emirati Breakfast Tray
Healthy Emirati Breakfast in Dubai @ Arabian Tea House

Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Café located at Bur Dubai, Bastakiya is an eccentric mix of the traditional and the modern. Located in a traditional wind tower house, right in the heart of Dubai, just stepping into the café takes you back to the past – a time in the past which was more relaxed Read More

Where To Eat Breakfast in Dubai

If you are looking for where to eat in Dubai for breakfast, The Arabian Tea House offers a quiet reprise from the city. It was within walking distance to our hotel, so we were able to visit more than once. The tea house takes place outside covered by a dreamy canopy of trees, bougainvillea and cloth. They offer traditional Emirati cuisine as well as delectable teas. Jacob and I tend to go with a large spread for most meals, so we can get a feel and a taste of the cuisine Read More

Pic of the Week”, February 15, 2019: Arabian Tea House Cafe, Dubai

Just outside one of the more interesting neighborhoods in Dubai, the Al Fahidi Historic District, sits a small picturesque cafe — the Arabian Tea House Cafe.  I’d been on my feet for more than three hours and the heat of the day was ramping up, so I thought I’d take a break to rest and get a snack. Read More


Arabian Tea House Cafe Restaurant - Photo Essayed

Descriptions of Authentic Arabic tea houses bring to mind images of  open courtyards, the smell of strong black tea, incessant chatter of guests , and Arabic music playing in the background. In UAE there are the two extremes when it come to the tea drinking as I see it. Read More


Brest Emirati Food Dubai
Arabian Tea House Cafe in Dubai

J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote, “Not all those who wander are lost.” It’s a beautiful quote, and I wish I could say that it was applicable to today’s blog post, but sometimes when traveling, you have trouble finding your way around. We were wanderers who got lost looking for the Arabian Tea House. Read More


Arabian Tea House Restaurant and Cafe - Bastakiya

Bastakiya is established in the 19th Century by textile and pearl traders from  Bastak, Iran. To this day, the neighborhood houses cafes, restaurants, art galleries, a mosque, a library, spice shop, and a coffee museum is opening soon. Read More

Arabian Tea House Best Khaleej food in UAE
Arabian Tea House – Meena Bazaar

The Arabian Tea House in Meena Bazaar is one of those picturesque venues you must visit whether you are a tourist, visitor or a resident of Dubai. Located beside the Dubai Museum in the heart of Bastakiya it’s best to take a taxi there rather than risk driving Read More

5 Oldest & Legendary Restaurants In Dubai You Simply Have To Eat At

This quaint tea house in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, takes you back into Dubai’s past. As you step into the Arabian Tea House you get transported into the old times. Turquoise benches, white rattan chairs, lace curtains and beautiful flowers, give you a perfect ambiance to enjoy your cup of gahwa (traditional Arabic coffee) in the shade of an Read More